Here's an easy to understand word wall bingo tutorial

There are several word wall activities you can do. With the use of flashcards, you only need your creativity in order to make a fun activity for your children or students. Both parents and students can quiz each other using the flashcards. For additional enrichment, the word's definition can be written on the back of the cards. It is also helpful to have them define the word in their own words. A word wall is usually a list of words that are common in your surroundings and helpful to certain age groups. At home, you can ask your children to use every word and make a sentence, think of rhyming words and play games like word wall bingo, tic-tac-toe, around the world and bean bag toss. An erasing relay and a vowel hopscotch game can also be played.

When students find it difficult to recognize sight words, word walls are a great visual aid. Located in an area that can be easily seen, it will help improve the student's cognition. To make things more exciting, games can be played, as mentioned above. For example, in word wall bingo, the teacher or parent will make bingo cards using words from the word wall. Another way to do a word wall bingo is to have every child or student write his or her chosen word in every space using a template. All the words will then be copied on an index card. A student will pick one card, read it then mark the word if can be found on his or her card. When all the words have been marked, the student shouts informs everybody else by shouting "Bingo!" This can be done too by using definitions instead of words on the index cards. Another fun thing to do is stage an erasing relay. All you have to do is form two teams then write a two-column word wall on the board. The words should be the same in every column yet in a different order. The list should have the same number of words with the number of students per team. Each team member will run to the board on cue and will point to any word in their column. When they are able to read the word properly, they can erase the word.