Quizo Is A Great Game For All Seasons - Here is How It Is Played!

Quizo is a general knowledge trivia team game that is played every week, every month, or in some places saved as a special entertainment night, for national holidays.

It's a firm favorite amongst certain pubs and bars, and is very much a social evening where everyone can shine if even just a little, and show off their knowledge or expertise on a particular subject.

One would imagine the Quizo game comes from the original UK pub quiz, but who knows in reality, that could just be a great trick question!

Anyhow, people who wish to play the game generally team up into groups anywhere from 2-8.

There is an announcer on hand to keep everyone entertained throughout what is normally around 6-8 rounds, and different question categories such as general knowledge, history, geography, music, movies, sport, current events, & famous people etc.

Each team has one sheet to write down their answers, and once the question has been broadcast over the PA by the pubs announcer, players break out into hushed whispers as they collectively try to agree what the answer is!

Usually there will be prizes for the top three group winners and each player that participates, pays a small entry fee, which covers all the prizes on offer.

These normally are nothing very lavish, it's the winning that counts to the players and the faint praise or light-hearted ridicule that comes from their opponents, after the points are totted up!

All teams give themselves a special name, points are given for each correct answer and after the final round, answer papers get exchanged and points get awarded as the answers are announced.

Drinks usually flow a plenty on Quizo nights and there's plenty of banter between teams and announcer, as the winners claim their prize.

It's a great event for social interaction and teaming up with outsiders, but then there's no such thing as strangers, just friends you've not yet met. That's Quizo!