Brush on your biology skills and more with these adult educational apps

There are numerous educational apps readily available to help children learn letters, numbers, colors and shapes. Interestingly, there are also apps for adults who like to continue learning. Whether they jump right into a new topic or just need to brush up on their skills, there are hundreds of educational apps that can help you get started. Here's a shortlist that highlights some of them.

Speed Anatomy

If you are having a hard time locating your calcaneum, which is actually just your heel bone, this app will be your buddy. The calcaneum is only one of the several bones you can get to know about when you play this quiz app. Every question you answer correctly earns you points which moves you to more challenging human biology quizzes. With this app, you can soon point where your mental protuberance is confidently.

Star Chart

Unless you are an astronaut or Neil deGrasse Tysoon, chances are you've wondered at one point in time what's the shiny thing you are gazing up at the night sky. Well, with Star Chart, you could just let your phone determine which constellations, stars and other heavenly bodies are you looking at. Just position your phone up to the sky and it will do the work. You can also know if that interesting object is a galaxy or another planet from afar.


If you have no idea what the Higgs Boson is, fret not; you are not the only one. However, if you want to know more about the hunt for this very elusive elementary particle, it's time to download this app. It updates you on the latest experiments done one the Large Hadron Collider. With the LHSee app, you could also keep tabs on the newest proton collision results, look into the wireframe schematics of an ATLAS particle detector or watch experiments live.


Although the app of Wikipedia is great, its contents are limited to what's on Wikipedia. With Wapedia, you can access all information from other Wikis. With a wide range of topics, including Wookieepedia for Star Wars information and Wiki NFL for football, Wapedia is your connection to a library of endless information with just one click.


Babbel offers several language apps for free. This teaches you words you can use in every day conversations. Babbel works by asking the user to say the word then it rates the user in terms of accuracy of pronunciation. There are also spelling and grammar lessons offered. Babbel is almost as popular as the best casino mobile apps and no download casinos. This should not be considered surprising as both compliment an ever growing upwardly mobile section of the public. Mobile casino apps are an essential part of every online casino budget.

Perfect Ear

Perfect Ear is one of the best educational apps for the musically inclined. Before forming your own band, you might want to know what makes a perfect fifth different from a major third. By using Perfect Ear, you can easily go through more than a dozen quizzes that would aid you in memorizing scales and cords needed to compose your next big jam. Everything is played using a real piano so the sound is authentic; there's a voice recognition, too, that's built within the app.