Learn how to play craps and join in on the action

Even if you walk in blindfolded in a casino, you will surely locate the craps area if there is a hot dice on the table. All you have to do is follow the cheers, shouts and screams to find the area. Although those who hit the jackpot on slot machines are generally the loudest people in the casino, the collective excitement at the table is incomparable. While blackjack players sit in quiet concentration, players of this game are loud regardless if they win or lose. On the other hand, the table is also eerily quiet if there is a cold dice. If you see gloomy individuals at peak hours, then it is almost certain that they are losing frequently.

This game is the fastest moving in a casino. To new players, this could be pretty intimidating; however, the games are designed to entice players and not run them away. Here are the fundamentals in how to play craps.

The Staff and The Table

Double layout tables are the norm these days. If you want to learn how to play craps, you have to understand how this table works. In the middle is the boxman. He is in charge of overseeing the game. The stickman, who is positioned on the boxman's opposite side, push the dice to the shooter with the use of a stick. He controls the pace of the game and calls out every result. There are two dealers positioned on both sides. They collect the bets, pay the winners and keep the losing wagers. The players stay close to the dealers.


When learning how to play craps, you also need to understand certain terms. In the beginning, you could hear phrases like "Comin' out" and "Any mo' on yo?" This means the stickman is informing players that the coming roll is a come-out and is convincing them to wager on hard ways. Each stickman has their own personal style but majority of the calls are standard in US casinos.


Casinos never use a dice that has round corners. These days, the dice have sharp-edge corners. It is considered bad luck to change dice during the roll's middle. During a hot roll, the shooter will call "Same dice" when he throws the dice from the table just to be sure.