Here's Some Games That Teach - Whilst Having Fun At The Same Time!

A great way to learn anything, is to turn it into a fun experience. It's really the same with a job, if one doesn't enjoy what they do, time drags. If one has fun on the other hand time goes by quickly.

Games that teach can really be a novel way to capture someone's interest and have them learning about things that on face value may not have appealed. Let's take a look at a great game for learning history!

Assassin's Creed Unity

One may not be a lover of history, but it's hard not to get involved in this game, once one digs in.

Each game locks onto a significant time and place in history. It could be from colonial Boston to Paris through the French revolution, even on to the Italian Renaissance.

The player gets to explore the impressive different settings in digital format along the way, meeting famous people from times long gone.

The games are loaded with historical data regarding important people, locations and events, and it's impossible to come away from the game without knowing more about these historical timelines, than what they did before!

The Typing of the Dead: Overkill, from Sega

Another of the games that teach is with this game that can be played on Windows and amazingly helps players improve their typing skills whilst avoiding being attacked by zombies!

The player has to type words on the screen when under attack rather than pull a trigger like in most games.

A do or die situation, that possibly activates the subconscious mind to get ones typing skills going at such a high rate as to get out of such a tight spot, perhaps? Enough to speed anyone in to action, one imagines!

There are a whole host of games that teach, even games that teach playing a guitar with a 100 songs. Venture out and take a look. Life can be amazing when learning & having fun!